’SOLO’ (contemporary music for solo guitar)

New album ’SOLO’ (Contemporary Music for Solo Guitar) will be out on the 1st of February! Only 200 physical copies will ever be released. All signed.

You can order your copy now contacting us directly via ✉️ slepayment@gmail.com

Track List:

01. FOR PAT (to Pat Metheny) [4:41]


02. I. African Sketch

03. II. (The Other) Milonga

04. III. For Sylvia (Jazz Vals)

05. IV. Tom’s Blues

06. V. (Afro) Samba

07. VI. Lyle’s Maze

08. VII. Until Then (Jazz Ballad)


09. I. Polish Variations (Classical)

10. II. Polish Variations (Impressionistic)

11. III. Taiwanese Variations

12. IV. Japanese Variations

from TRAVELS [5:25]

13. Pōkarekare Ana (The Waves Are Breaking)

14. Thula Baba Thula Sana (original soundtrack from the movie ’The Wound Is Where The light Enters’)


15. I. Moderto Galante

16. II. Lento Religioso

17. III. Arpeggiato Largamente

18. IV. Allegro Vigoroso

19. UNTITLED (Black & Blood Orange) [3:59]

20. DESEJO (to Odair Assad) [2:32]

FINIS AUTEM PRINCIPIUM EST (Epitaph on John Tavener) [6:29]

21. I. Itiner

22. II. Lucis Fluctus

SCINTILLA (after Arvo Pärt) [5:54]

23. I. Part One

24. II. Part Two: Psalm

25. III. Part Three

(SZOPEN) RE:MEMBERING  [6:45] 1st Prize at The II International Guitar Composition Competition, Seixal, Portugal (2022)

26. I. no:cturne

27. II. pre:lude

28. III. ma:zurka (obertas)

29. SPIFFY (bonus track) [3:00]

30. LE-GO! (for microtonal guitar) (bonus track) [1:18] 1st Prize at The IV International Microtonal Guitar Competition, Istanbul, Turkey (2020)

Total Time [74:53]

All tracks composed and performed by MAREK PASIECZNY

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