Pasieczny meets Carlo Domeniconi

Pasieczny is giving world premiere of Carlo DOMENICONI’s new work called 墓石~菅原潤への追悼~ „TOMBEAU remembering Jun SUGAWARA” is available now in [HD] 

Carlo Domeniconi (composition)  カルロ・ドメニコ (作曲) マレック パッツイチエニー (ギター) Marek Pasieczny (guitar)

JOBURG JAM for 1(7) guitar(s)

This is an acoustic version of a remix by NICK BERTKE (better known as POGO) titled JOBURG JAM (the sights and sounds that he filmed around the city of Johannesburg, South Africa).

I tried to imitate all the voices and sounds on ONE classical guitar (creating almost 17 separate layers and later during the editing process added occasional reverb and using the 'reverse note’ effect). This is my tribute to the works by POGO and South Africa, a country with which I have close ties.

Variations for Roland Dyens now AVAILABLE!

Variations SATO NO AKI “里の秋”の主題による変奏曲 for solo guitar based on Japanese traditional folk melody NOW AVAILABLE!


“I think Sato No Aki is the kind of pieces classical guitar of the 21th century strongly needs: expressive, with a huge variety of tones and colours and a big part of it devoted to silence. In my opinion this work is the way today’s music should be actually: modern but poetic still, close to guitar roots but opened to the future.
For all this, I’m truly humbled Marek Pasieczny dedicated it to me”

Roland Dyens (guitarist and composer) Paris; November, 2010

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