Pasieczny’s STRING QUARTET in HD!

'STRING QUARTET NO.I’ „subtitled  „The Concerto”

1. Moderato Magnifico  2.Vasto Quieto  3. Presto con fuoco

THE WATSON QUARTET: Ian Watson, Alan John, Mary Ward and Christoff Johannes Fourie

This is my first piece for string quartet. I started to write this quartet in 2007, but finally finished it a few weeks ago. It is in an adapted 'small’ concerto form (fugue and cadenzas in 1st movement, impressionistic slow 2nd movement and 'furious’ finale in 3rd movement).

The atmosphere created by the music should pay tribute to some of the great string quartet writing done before me (starts with Haydn and Mozart and ends with Shostakovich, Lutoslawski and Bartok).

Special thanks to Bede Williams for recording and EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Ian, Alan, Mery and Christoff. I am privileged as a composer to have such good instrumentalists/musicicians at my desposal.

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