Tournee in China! (May 2008)

[inspic=102,left,,0][inspic=106,right,,0][inspic=116,left,,0]Pasieczny will perfom his 'Score Concerto’ during the ’Shanghai International Music Festival’ at the He Luting Hall in May. Pasieczny will also be performing in such venues as the He Lv Ting Hall and the Hangzhou Grand Theatre in China with the 'Shanghai Chamber Orchestra’ conducted by Gao Jian.

translation to chineese and pictures by Wu Yi

click HERE to listen excerpts form this concerto [inspic=105,left,,0]

Another piece published for Les Productions D’Oz Canada

[inspic=96,left,,0]AMERICAN SUITE (sub-title ‘Tribute to Harmony’) click here for the score

I started to composed this piece in 2003 and re-composed it thought 2006I decided to write this piece because of the following innovative techniques (at least relating to classical guitar) such as tapping, hammering and percussive effects (2nd movement) and their infinite scale of colors to outputs on the guitar, to summarize – widely comprehended ‘sonorism’. I also wanted to write something very ‘spatial’ and impressionistic (3rd movement) and very rhythmical, loud virtuosic and fast. This work is sub-titled Tribute to Harmony’. Harmony has been for me the most important element in my work. I consider it an extremely essential factor in the process of composition, influencing greatly the shape of my works especially this one. It is harmony that is responsible for the so-called density of the music – the space and it’s controlling of the other elements, i.e. rhythm, melody, etc is an indescribably interesting phenomenon for me.
This piece was
commissioned with funds made available by the ‘Scottish Arts Council’. cover by Jacek Pasieczny

Pasieczny-Watson Duo in Lutoslawski’s Hall – Awarded!


From amoung 40 different groups / three-round competition – Pasieczny/Watson Duo – awarded! During ’11th Festival of Polish Radio 2008 „New Tradition” in W.Lutoslawski’s Hall, Warsaw/Poland. The duo took 3rd prize in this International Competition (2008), broadcast live from Polish Radio across the European Union, where they subsequently made their debut in the Lutoslawski Hall.

Three world premieres during the „PLUG”Festival in Scotland 28th April – 2nd May

[inspic=93,left,,0] ‘STRING QUARTET NO.I’ 1. Moderato Magnifico 2. Vasto Quieto 3. Presto con fuoco performed by Ian Watson, Alan John, Mary Ward and Christoff Johannes FourieThis is my first piece for string quartet. I started to write this quartet in 2007, but finally finished it a few weeks ago. It is in an adapted ‘small’ concerto form (fugato and cadenzas in 1st movement, impressionistic slow 2nd movement and ‘furious’ finale in 3rd movement). The atmosphere created by the music should pay tribute to some of the great string quartet writing done before me. For me, this starts with Haydn and Mozart and ends with Shostakovich and Bartok. Special thanks to Ian, Alan, Mery and Christoff. I am privileged as a composer to have such good instrumentalists/musicicians at my here to listen



’Awake’ (for electric guitar and laptop: Kaiser Looper and Guitar Rig2) performed by Marek Pasieczny and Bede Williams/New Zealand. Each year, over 21,000,000 people receive general anaesthesia. The vast majority go to sleep peacefully. They remember nothing. 3,000 of these patients are not so fortunate. They find themselves unable to sleep, trapped in the phenomenon of “Anaesthesia Awareness”. These victims are completely paralyzed and cannot scream for help. This is the story of one of them… I started playing and practicing the electric guitar just a few weeks ago. This is my first composition ever and first public performance for this instrument. It was a big challenge, and fun to compose this piece. Special thanks to Tom Stern and Bede Williams. click HERE to listen


‘SIX FOLK MELODIES’ (version for trio – guitar, violin and cello): performed by Marek Pasieczny, Laura Sergeant and Paul Livingston.

1. 'A tam kolo mlyna rosnie jarzebina’/’Up there near the mill rowan grows’ 2. 'Pod zielono miedzo ptaszki owis jedzo’/’On the green boundary strip birds eat oats’ 3. 'Na suchej topoli ptaszek glowke zwiesil’/’On the dry poplar a bird sat down’ 4. 'A tam w polu przy drodze rosli jagody’/’ In the field grew berries’ 5. 'Oj lolysz mi si kolysz kolibejko lipowa’/’Oh swing swing linden cradle’ 6. Polka 'Wsciekla’/’The Furious Polka’ This work was originally written for trio (guitar, violin and cello). Each movement is short and easy technically but very effective due to a great deal of internal energy built into a small framework. They are similar in concept to Witold Lutoslawski’s “5 Folk Melodies for string orchestra”, based on Polish traditional folk melodies. But these folk melodies originate from my home town, a place in Poland called ‘Zamojszczyzna’. No one has ever used them before. I also arranged this work for guitar and violin duo and premiered it with my duo partner violinist Ian Watson in Lutoslawski’s Hall in Warsaw (Poland) this month. This set of melodies will be published by the Canadian publishing house Les Productions D’Oz.

New piece published!


’La Casa Donde Vive Miedo’ (The haunted house) for guitar and violin by Marek Pasieczny (b.1980)

I.”Miedo” („The Ghost”) II.”La Casa” („The House”) III.”El Juego con Miedo” („Ghost’s dance”)

This piece was composed in 2001 and recomposed throughout 2005-2006. Sub-titled 'Homenaje a Joaquin Rodrigo’, and dedicated to Rodrigo, I was largely inspired by his strongly recognizable unique harmony and individual mood of his works rather than any works in particular.

The idea for the title is not mine. Pepe Romero (guitarist and one of Rodrigo’s close friends) in an interview on Spanish TV talked about Rodrigo’s music as being „like an abounded old house with a ghost inside. His inside is very dark and grumpy. Only sometimes you can see there is some light…only sometimes…”

This piece is my understanding of Rodrigo’s music and a tribute to his art, a tribute to one of the best composers in XXth century. Commisioned in 2000 by my friend and great guitarist Lukasz Kuropaczewski (student of Manuel Barrueco in Peabody Institute, J.Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA).

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