Classical Guitar Review of Little Sonata

Excellent review by Colin Cooper (Classical Guitar Magazin) on Pasieczny’s LITTLE SONATA: 

“Most composers are aware of the difficulties in writing good music that is at the same playable by amateurs. They have reached a high executive level on the instrument of their choice, and cannot resist showing it. Mozart was one of them (…) Marek Pasieczny’s LITTLE SONATA is in this category. (…). This young man knows what he is doing and what he is doing is exciting”. COLIN COOPER, Classical Guitar Magazine | April 2012

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New work for Duo Melis

Susana Prieto, Marek Pasieczny and Alexis Mazurakis (in Poland)
Susana Prieto, Marek Pasieczny and Alexis Mazurakis (in Poland)

New composition for two guitars finished! Six movement work called POLISH SUITE is dedicated to Duo Melis – Susana Prieto and Alexis Mazurakis.

This duo is composed in the avant-garde modern and post-classical language. Innovative investigation into the dramatic and virtuosic possibilities of musical performance, and in compositional terms – as well investigation into a widely comprehended sonority of the two instruments.

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