Pasieczny on 2 pianos – world premiere!

World premiere of new piece and premiere of video recording of „Suite Polonaise” version for 2 pianos 4 hands performed by Sylvia Sze-hua Jen (Taiwan/S,Africa) and Ayako Kanazawa (Japan).Glasgow, UK ; December 2010

Hommage a TANSMAN in [HD]!

New video in HD [HQ] recording of Pasieczny’s suite for guitar solo titled „Hommage a Aleksander Tansman” is now available!

Works published by EUTERPE 2008; Score to purchase for Poland here for EUROPE, USA, CANADA here

Krawiec plays Pasieczny

World premiere recording of Marek Pasieczny’s work titled „THE TANGO IMPRESSIONS (Tribute to the art of Astor piazzolla) on brand new CD „DIALOG” by Andrzej & Grzegorz Krawiec (guitars) more info here

purchase the CD here

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