Sonata ‘Tate’ for solo guitar: New Commission

Excited to announce new commission from the winner of the last ‘London International Guitar Competition’, ‘Julian Bream Trust’ scholar and co-winner of the Special Prize at The Guitar Masters – Italian virtuoso of young generation: Giacomo Susani.

The piece will be in the form of sonata and it’s inspired by one of the most influential gallery venues worldwide: Tate Modern in London.

English Premiere: End of this year | Chinese premiere: May ‘18

Giacomo Susani and Marek Pasieczny
Giacomo Susani and Marek Pasieczny

Greek premiere!

’POLISH SUITE’ (for 2 pianos/ 8 hands) was recently premiered in Crete, Greece during the ‘Heraklion Piano Festival’.Pianists: Petros Moschos, Dimitris Karydis, Michalis Angelakis, Nikos Stavlas.

Originally piece was commissioned by Aaron Shore for the ‘International Piano Festival’ in Glasow, Scotland – celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin’s Birth

I and II movement





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