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[inspic=197,left,,200]Brand new independent recordings of two young Polish guitarists appeared this month with Marek Pasieczny’s music. Michal Daniel Bak „Music Journey”

[inspic=201,left,,200]I think about this album with sentiment. I wrote most compositions several years ago, when I was younger than Michał. So, it somehow resembles a journey “back to the past”, and these juvenile interpretations of Michał are so dear to me. His interpretations are first of all full of expression and strengthened by his virtuosity. The mastery of the instrument and an interest in jazz music resulted in this very choice of repertoire presented on the debut disc. Michał feels confident in clear forms of sonata, variation or partita. The above mentioned interest in jazz proved to be invaluable in impressionistic variations, a jazz sonata or partita with numerous alterations. The performance, bursting with energy, but also showing a deep respect for all the compositions, is the source of joy for every artist! Great job, Michał! Marek Pasieczny
Warsaw, 1 March 2010

(live rec. video of 'Journey Variations’ performed by Michal here)


[inspic=203,left,,150]Jakub Kosciuszko „Here Comes The Silent Dusk. Music of Marek Pasieczny” 

[inspic=196,left,,200]”Music is a record of time, and this CD is a perfect example of this. The three compositions recorded on this album represent my works for solo guitar in significant ways. One can divide this repertoire into three phases – early, middle (guitar studies) and the last one – academic (composition studies).  A great respect towards the musical material and intellectually exquisite approach to new music makes Jakub a great partner in a composer-performer relationship. He can be characterized by his extraordinary maturity which reveals itself in treating each composition in a very focused way. Technical control of the instrument is not obscuring the music, on the contrary – it gives it a natural, full rein to deep musical cogitations.  I hope that this debut album (for me ‘retrospective’ and ‘regulative’) will be an important and appreciated step in the guitarists` musical career.
Marek Pasieczny

(excerpts from the CD here ;more info about Kuba here)

Pasieczny i „VI Lubuskie Spotkania Gitarowe”

Pasieczny wystapi z orkiestra na Szostych Lubuskich Spotkaniach Gitarowych w piątek 7.05.2010 r. o godz.19.00 w Filharmonii Zielonogórskiej im. Tadeusza Bairda, razem z Orkiestrą Symfoniczną Filharmonii Zielonogórskiej;Czesław Grabowski (dyrygent); Marek Pasieczny (gitara).

Marek PASIECZNY – „CONCERTO POLACCO” (‘Koncert Polski’)
1. Maestoso, lento assai
2. Liberamente quasi capriccioso – Andante
3. Allegro spianato molto regolare
4. Adagio mesto et molto espressivo
5. Vivace giocoso et brillante

Ponadto Pasieczny poprowadzi lekcje: 8.05.2010 r. – sobota; godz.9.00-17.00 – Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna I i II st. w Zielonej Górze
wiecej o festiwalu tu

NEW! recenzja po koncercie TU

Guitar & harpsichord

[inspic=193,left,,650] Marek Pasieczny together with Sylvia Sze-Hua Jen (harpsichord)  will be giving recital at „The IInd International Sylvius Leopold Weiss Baroque Festival in Grodkow / Poland, 8-10th of April 2010.

Their programme includes works for guitar solo, harspichord solo and harpsichord/guitar by Marek PASIECZNY, Janetta GOULD, Bohuslav MARTINŮ.

more info here

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