SONATA 'Volante’: World Premiere | South Africa

Marek Pasieczny SONATA Volante
Marek Pasieczny on 'SONATA Volante’

SONATA 'Volante’ for Marimba and Alto Saxophone

I. Introduzione e Allegro Veloce
II. Aria ‘ Almanaccare’
III. Interludio in form di Fugato
IV. Rondo Volante (Finale)

commissioned by OAK 'Overstrand Arts Kunste’. World Premiere will be given on 22nd of July in Hermanus, South Africa

PERPETUUS: American Premiere | GFA 'Guitar Fundation of America’

American première of my work PERPETUUS (Jack Body: In Memoriam) for guitar quartet; commissioned by, and dedicated to, the NZGQ ‘New Zealand Guitar Quartet’

Part 1: ‘Fanfares’ Part 2: ‘After Bach’ Part 3: ‘Waiata’ Part 4: ‘Contra Waves’ Part 5: ‘Bells’ Part 6: ‘Spinning Dance’

was given during GFA this week on 22nd of June by NZGQ: Vladimir Gorbach, Jane Curry, John Couch and Owen Moriarty

SONATA for Marimba and alto Saxophone

Marek Pasieczny (Sonata Volante)
Marek Pasieczny (Sonata Volante)

I’m happy to announce new commission from OAK 'Overstrand Arts Kunste’ for duo: marimba and alto saxophone. The piece will be in SONATA form.

The première will take place at the end of July in beautiful Hermanus, SA.

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