CD Compilation

Brand new CD compilation of my music for solo guitar from seven different albums over the last 14 years. Recorded in South Africa, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.

The album includes an exclusive brand new recording of re-composed and never released ‘TWO STORIES’ (to Pat Metheny). Available ONLY in hardcopy: Signed Limited Edition, 200 copies. Own one for Xmas!

© Marek Pasieczny
© Marek Pasieczny


£ 17 GBP  | € 19 EURO | $ 23 USD

including FREE postage Worldwide (hand-signed Limited Edition of only 200 copies)

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  • JOBURG JAM (Pogo Cover) (2012) (multi-guitar version)
  • SPIFFY (to Ana Vidovic) (2013)
  • TWO STORIES (to Pat Metheny) (1997/2017)
  • DESEJO (to Odair Assad) (2012)

from TRAVELS  (2011)

  • Thula baba, thula sana / Keep quiet my child (South Africa)
  • Manamolela / The work song (South Africa)
  • Cai Cha Feng / Picking Tea (Taiwan)
  • Wang Chun Weng / Waiting for Love (Taiwan)
  • Hundred Pipers (Scotland)
  1. Flow gently, Sweet Afton (Scotland)
  2. Sama jo se sama / By myself alone (Poland)
  3. Bon Odori (Japan)
  4. Cape Byron Lights (Australia)

from LITTLE SONATA (2011)

  1. Allegro Vigoroso (Finale)

SCINTILLA (After Arvo Pärt) (2012)

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two ‘Psalm’
  3. Part Three

NEO VARIATIONS (Tribute to John Towner Williams) (2015/2016)

  1. Fanfare, Theme, Var 1-5, Finale

THE FLIGHT OF KIKUIDATAKI (to Carlo Domeniconi) (2011)

  1. A Glimpse – The Flight


  1. Mazurka Romanesque
  2. Scherzando a la Krakowiak
  3. Fugato Pastoso (Finale)


  1. Lamento y Cancion

SATO NO AKI VARIATIONS (to Roland Dyens) (2010)

  1. Prelude, Theme, Variations 1-4, Postlude

from AMERICAN SUITE (2003)

  1. Tearing Away (Finale)                                                                          Total Time: 68 min


ALL MUSIC COMPOSED AND PERFORMED BY MAREK PASIECZNY | 2018 Recorded in: South Africa, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia ℗ Publisher: SLE Signature Limited Edition, London | Producer: Marek Pasieczny © Copyright by Marek Pasieczny | All rights reserved worldwide


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