New Pasieczny’s work published! (for Canadian Les Productions D’Oz)

[inspic=118,left,,0] I wrote this piece during December 2007. Each movement is very short and quite easy technically but effective due to a great deal of internal energy built into a small framework. They are similar in concept to Witold Lutoslawski’s “5 Folk Melodies for string orchestra”. The folk melodies used in my piece originate from my home town, a place in Poland called ‘Zamojszczyzna’. This work was premiered and awarded with violinist Ian Watson (South Africa) and myself during the 11th International Polish Radio Festival “The New Tradition” in Lutoslawski’s Hall, Warsaw (Poland) in May 2008.I dedicate this piece to my friend and advocate of the classical guitar for over 20 years in Poland and worldwide – journalist Colin Cooper. cover by Jacek Pasieczny The piece is available to order here

click HERE to listen

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