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’La Casa Donde Vive Miedo’ (The haunted house) for guitar and violin by Marek Pasieczny (b.1980)

I.”Miedo” („The Ghost”) II.”La Casa” („The House”) III.”El Juego con Miedo” („Ghost’s dance”)

This piece was composed in 2001 and recomposed throughout 2005-2006. Sub-titled 'Homenaje a Joaquin Rodrigo’, and dedicated to Rodrigo, I was largely inspired by his strongly recognizable unique harmony and individual mood of his works rather than any works in particular.

The idea for the title is not mine. Pepe Romero (guitarist and one of Rodrigo’s close friends) in an interview on Spanish TV talked about Rodrigo’s music as being „like an abounded old house with a ghost inside. His inside is very dark and grumpy. Only sometimes you can see there is some light…only sometimes…”

This piece is my understanding of Rodrigo’s music and a tribute to his art, a tribute to one of the best composers in XXth century. Commisioned in 2000 by my friend and great guitarist Lukasz Kuropaczewski (student of Manuel Barrueco in Peabody Institute, J.Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA).

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