click here to order Dlugoraj and Polak In Seven Fragments (for two guitars)

Dlugoraj And Polak by Marek Pasieczny

click here to order POLISH IMPRESSIONS (for two guitar)

click here to order TATE SONATA (for solo guitar)

Tate Sonata (cover) Marek Pasieczny

click here to order Travels: 31 Miniatures (for Guitar)

Pasieczny TRAVELS

click here to order Winter’s Tale (for Clarinet and Guitar)

WINTER S TALE wyslana mala SAX

click here to order Winter’s Tale (for Clarinet and Guitar)


click here to order Polish Impressions (short suite for guitar quartet)

Marek Pasieczny

click here to order Polish Sketches (cello and guitar)


click here to order SCINTILLA: After Arvo Part (guitar quartet version)

Scintilla by Pasieczny LAGQ guitar quartet

click here to order FINIS AUTEM PRINCIPIUM EST (Epitaph on Sir John Tavener)

tavener okladka2

click here to order SEQUENZA (Alberto Ginastera: In Memoriam)

sequenza pasieczny front

click here to order NEO VARIATIONS: Tribute to John Towner Williams


click here to order LUTOSLAWSKI: In Memoriam for two guitars


click here to order SCINTILLA: After Arvo Part for two guitars

scintilla pasieczny duo

click here to order ANAMNESIS | after Tōru Takemitsu for solo guitar

okladka anamnesis strona2

click here to order ANAMNESIS | after Tōru Takemitsu (cello and guitar)



click here to order AFTER BRAD : VARIATIONS (to Brad mehldau) for solo guitar

click here to order SAKURA NO HANA for two guitars

click here to order LUTOSLAWSKI: IN MEMORIAM for solo guitar

click here to order POLISH SKETCHES -suite for two guitars


click here to order BRAND NEW score of SPIFFY (for guitar solo)

click here to order limited edition of GO-DAI CONCERTO

click to order FANTASIE (for piano solo)

click to order SCINTILLA (piano version)

Scintilla (piano version) by Pasieczny

Scintilla (piano version) by Pasieczny

click to order SCINTILLA (three movements; for solo guitar) to David RUSSELL

click to order DESEJO (for solo guitar) to Odair ASSAD



click to order TRAVELS / PODRÓŻE thirty easy miniatures for solo guitar

click to order Little Sonata (easy, short four movements)

click to order The Flight of Kikuidataki


Flight of Kikuidataki PASIECZNY

Flight of Kikuidataki PASIECZNY


click to order Nine Easy Miniatures


click to order Two Stories, Aquarius, Cool Night Lights

click to order Ten Sketches

click to order American Suite in Four Chapters

click to order THE TANGO IMPRESSIONS | Tribute to the Art of Astor Piazzolla

click to order Hommage a Tansman (five part suite)

click to order Partite in A

click to order Hommage a M.DeFalla

clarinet solo:

click to order Tribute to J.T.Williamstraditional bookshop on-line bookshop

violin and guitar:

click to order La Casa Donde Vive Miedo. Homenaje a Joaquin Rodrigo

click to order Six Folk Melodies

from SLE (“signature limited edition”) :

click to order transcribed and arranged Sonata I from Centone di Sonate by  Niccolo Paganini

click to order “BANGERANG!” for guitar and harpsichord


click to order SIX FOLK MELODIES (guitar and harpsichord)

click to order La Casa Donde Vive Miedo (Homenaje a J. Rodrigo) version for harpsichord and guitar


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