Pasieczny’s latest published work for guitar solo entitled “9 Miniatures” is now available here at the Les Productions d’Oz.

This brand new publication consists of nine independant pieces, technically easy, and are based on and inspired by several faintly well-known Polish folk tunes.

1.’It already turned Grey where it had sat down’ / ‘Już nam pusiwialo gdzie zasiadac mialo’  (from Sumin / Zamojskie)
2. ‘In the field a young green limetree’ / ‘W polu lipejka’  (from Zarudzie / Zamojskie)
3. ‘How I moped In the field’ / ‘Jak ja w polu zela’  (from Grabowica / Zamojskie)
4. Oh my mummy, you had Orly me’ / Oj moja mutulu, tys mnie jedna miala’
(from Nedezow / Zamojskie)
5. ‘Go I will not to rake hay’ / ‘nie pojde ja Grabic siana’ (from Mlociany, Lomianki / Warsaw )
6. ‘Chaff not the oat Marry’ / ‘Sieczka nie owies Marysiu’ (from Grojec – Glochow)
7. ‘I’ll Take the robe, I’ll Take the zhupan’ / ‘Wezme ja kontusz, wezme ja zupan’
(from Mazowsze / Cracow)
8.’I do not Wonder anyone’ / ’Nikomu się nie dziwuje’ (from Grudzondz)
9.’She dropped by the hill’ / ‘za gorke zaszla’ (from Grojec- Worow)

Miniatures from No.5 till No.9 were commissioned by The 6th International Guitar Competition in Olsztyn / Poland in 2009.  Miniatures No.1 till No.4 I composed in my hometown in Feb.2010.

This cycle is dedicated to Marcin Dylla.

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